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➡️ Dialling of Thika Garissa Road. The government has set set 5.5 billion to expand Thika - Garissa Highway to dual carriage. The expansion of this road from Thika to Gatuanyaga will rise the general view of this road and towns along it, benefitting commerci
➡️ Growth of Matuu, Kithimani and Musingini centers to busy business hubs have brought more investors to Matuu, bringing to birth of commercial and rental houses, markets, banks, petrol stations and bus stages.
➡️ Masinga Dam whose that was completed in 1981 is used for power production, lighting up the area.
➡️ Health facilities including Matuu Level 4 Hospital and other private institutions like The Matuu Hospital and Musingini Dispensary offers health services to residents
➡️ Musingini Sports Resort offers services which include restaurant, swimming pool, lounge, children's playground, entertainment and activities including tennis, darts and badminton
➡️ Kivandini - Masinga bypass was launched in January 2019 and has contributed to open up Mutwaa, Kalundu, Musingini and Masinga towns, attracting more investors. The road has ensured easy access to people who have bought land and build residential houses as
➡️ Matuu is central located, easy to access from Nairobi, Thika, Machakos, Kitui and Embu towns which are busy business towns. People can commute and do business to this towns while they reside in Matuu. Matuu is 2 hrs drive from Nairobi CBD and 1 hr from Th
➡️ Matuu is known for production of farm produce including oranges, mangoes, green grams, pigeon peas, tomatoes, lemon, banana, onions, cattle and poultry. Farming acts as a food and cash earning activity.
➡️ Matuu nears educational facilities including Kivandini Secondary Schools, Rainbow Academy Kivandini, Musingini primary and secondary, Masinga boys and girls, Masinga teachers and Yatta NYS have offered basic and advanced education and skills to people aro
➡️ Kathuluni River and Matuu River waterfall helps in supplying water for basic use, farming and livestock, helping households and farming to produce more harvests.